Future lost?

Isn’t it great we are slowly coming out of the COVID curse…..are we ready?

My fear as we exit this time of social distancing, mask wearing and contact fear are we as a people ready to re-engage or is on-line engagement going to overtake the ability to develop relationships. I remember going to a store or business and determining the quality of their services and products by the quality of the people representing the service or product. Today an AI system answers your questions…are we that predictable? My fear is we are losing the ability to think for ourselves when a autochat (AI system) can answer your questions. Our originality is is fading to a computer generated event. Eventually, if we keep going in the direction we are going the need for human interaction, human critical thinking will become redundant.

The next concern I have is the dependence on instant information. Today’s society is so dependent on asking our phones for instant information which is controlled by an AI, and monetary system we are losing the need to learn, to gain wisdom, and more importantly we are losing the ability to critically think.

Our call to action is to get back together, to go to conferences, to participate in person-to-person events, to develop the relationship, to learn, to grow ….to become the future rather than waiting for the future.

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