Create Connections Coast to Coast

Your Success Starts Here

The first step of your journey with Leaders Can Foundation is to become a Connector Member.  Included with  your one-time Connector membership:

  • Free monthly speed networking within your province and Canada (Value $240 annually)
  • Connector rate for networking pods, group coaching pods, master classes, events and conferences (Value $700+ annually)
  • 1-year membership to ReadItFor.Me book summary reading service (Value $399)
  • Personalized DISC human behaviour report with 30-minute debrief coaching session.  (Value $199) 

Plus, you will gain access to all of our programs, groups and conferences at the Connector Member rate.  Check out the details here.

Local Connections

Local networking pods built to focus on growth, development and long-term connections.

Canadian Connections

Online speed networking events to grow your influence across your province and nation.

Group Coaching

Affordable coaching on a variety of topics to support your grow as a leader in business, the community and at home.

Conferences & Professional Development

Canada-wide conferences and programs, some with CE credits, to grow you personally and  professionally.

Master Classes

Join a Master Class which usually meets weekly for a specified period of time.  You will grow yourself and your connections.

Let’s work together to make great connections for your success

Create Connections Coast to Coast

Leaders Can is a non-profit organization that strives to improve the quality and perception of leadership in Canada by growing leaders who do better – for themselves, their families, their organizations, and their communities.

Our members are Connectors from all walks of life and business who desire to become better and brighter in their life, workplace, community and home.   

We support professionals to grow their connections

Find a Group

No matter whether you are an emerging or seasoned leader, a leader in the community or at home, we have a group that is right for you. 

  • Networking Pods focus on making connections to grow members’ businesses meeting on a monthly basis. 
  • Coaching Pods meet monthly and focus on topics relevant to personal and professional growth.
  • MasterClasses are weekly masterminds for a defined period of time.

All of our groups meet virtually, saving you travel time and expense. Most of our groups meet once a month.  You will find connection and growth opportunities in our groups.

Form a Group

Our group networking mentors and coaches are paid professionals who are trained to grow and lead our connection pods.  We are looking for mentors and coaches coast to coast who want to form and grow either a networking or coaching pod.  If you are great at making and growing connections, coaching and mentoring, we would love to speak with you.