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Create Connections that Matter

Leaders Can

Create Connections that Matter

Create Connections that Matter

Here at Leaders Can, our primary goal is connection. That’s why we have many different connection opportunities to grow your community! We believe that growing your community will open the doors to meaningful connections that bring joy, excitement and fulfillment in your life and business.

What Does Connection Mean to Leaders Can?

Connection is what we do. We believe that connections are the only way to develop empathy for other people, ensuring that as leaders in business, the community and our homes, we truly care for one another and seek to grow and learn from each other. We believe that as leaders, we need to establish meaningful connections wherever we go to provide a strong foundation for the communities we serve. In a business and leadership context, connections are the primary basis of gaining new insight, business opportunities, and alliances that will help us triumph.  In the home and community context, connections help us raise the next generation of leaders.

We believe that connections make us happier. That when we are connected, whether in business or. the community, we enjoy better health and use fewer health services. We are more resilient in the face of adversity, and we live longer. Communities where people feel connected have less crime and stronger economic growth. Most of all, we THRIVE. This is our passion and heartbeat.

Conferences & Professional Development

Several times a year we host in-person or online conferences and events across Canada and in local communities. Join us to grow personally and professionally and ask us about available CE credits!  Sponsorship partnerships are also a great way to help us make these events affordable in our communities and inspire young and emerging leaders.

Business Growth Hub

Business Growth Hub is a place where business professionals and entrepreneurs can join together with the primary goal of increasing our C’s – Cash, Community, Collaboration, Connection and Challenge to grow beyond where we currently are.  We meet weekly and start our meetings with a brief 20-minute teaching time or member presentation that will spur the discussion for the balance of the time.  Join us on Thursdays in-person in Airdrie at 11:30 am for a 1-hour meeting.

Master Class Groups

Master classes are a safe place where you can learn and ask questions on specific topics.  Whether you want to grow your leadership at home or in the work places, being part of a master class helps you develop skills to help you become the leader you were meant to be.

Want to learn more about our programs?

Create Connections that Matter

Leaders Can is a non-profit organization that strives to improve the quality and perception of leadership in Canada. We seek to help establish leaders who do better– better for themselves, their families, their organizations, and their communities.

Our programs are designed to connect you with people from all walks of life and areas of business who desire to grow in their lives, workplaces, communities, and homes. We believe that valuable connections is the first step to meaningful growth and truly successful leadership.