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Create Meaningful Connections Coast to Coast

Leaders Can

Create Meaningful Connections Coast to Coast

Creating Meaningful Connections from Coast to Coast

Here at Leaders Can, our primary goal is connection. That’s why we have established our Connector Member program! The Connector Member program is a lifetime membership that will open the doors to meaningful connections.

With a single one-time fee, you’ll gain access to monthly speed networking, a one-year subscription to ReadItFor.Me, a service that provides insightful book summaries, and a personalize DISC profile with a 30-minute debrief and coaching session. You’ll also be given the opportunity to join networking hubs, group coaching, master classes, events, and conferences. The Connector Member program is the first step to your journey of developing meaningful connections and becoming the best values-based leader you can be!

What Does Connection Mean to Leaders Can?

Connection is what we do. We believe that connections are the only way to develop empathy for other people, ensuring that as leaders we truly care for one another and seek to grow and learn from each other. We believe that as leaders, we need to establish meaningful connections wherever we go to provide a strong foundation for the communities we serve. In a business and leadership context, connections are the primary basis of gaining new insight, business opportunities, and alliances that will help us triumph.

Local Connections

Local networking hubs are the foundation for Leaders Can. These hubs are built to focus on growth, development, and long-term connections.

Canadian Connections

Leaders Can helps you find meaningful connections across Canada. These online speed networking events will grow your influence across your province and throughout Canada.

Group Coaching

We provide affordable group coaching on a variety of topics to support your growth as a leader in every aspect of life, from your home, your business, and your community.

Conferences & Professional Development

We have conferences and programs across Canada. Join us to grow personally and professionally and ask us about available CE credits!

Master Classes

These classes take a deep dive into a specific professional development topic. If you want to grow as a leader both personally and professionally, these classes are an amazing choice.

Let’s work together to make great connections for your success

Creating Connections Coast to Coast

Leaders Can is a non-profit organization that strives to improve the quality and perception of leadership in Canada. We seek to help establish leaders who do better– better for themselves, their families, their organizations, and their communities.

Our members are Connectors from all walks of life and areas of business who desire to grow in their lives, workplaces, communities, and homes. We believe that valuable connections with Connectors is the first step to meaningful growth and truly successful leadership.

Networking and Professional Development Group Canada

Find a Group

We have a local networking group for everyone. Whether you’re a seasoned leader or looking to emerge as a new leader, we can help you make the right connections. We believe that leadership of all kinds, whether in the community, business, or at home, is important, and we will help you find the right group to grow as an individual!

  • Networking Hubs focus on making connections to grow members’ businesses, meeting on a monthly basis.
  • Coaching Groups meet monthly and focus on topics relevant to personal and professional growth.
  • Master Classes are weekly meetings on a set topic for a defined period of time.

All of our groups are currently meeting virtually for convenience. If you want to make purposeful connections and find growth opportunities, our groups are the place for you!

Form a Group

Our group networking mentors and coaches are paid professionals who are trained to grow and lead our connection hubs.  We are looking for mentors and coaches coast to coast who want to develop a group in their area.  If you are great at making connections, coaching, or mentoring, we would love to speak with you.