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Weekly In-Person Networking 

Here at Leaders Can, our primary goal is connection and the Business Growth Hub is a place where people can grow their community and connections in Airdrie, Alberta.  We believe in the power of regular, in-person connection to deepen your business connections as well as introduce you to new connections.  We believe that growing your community will open the doors to meaningful connections that bring joy, excitement and fulfillment in your life and business.

Social scientists all over the world can tell you that people have basic physical needs:  for food, for water, for shelter, for clean air.  And, as it turns out, there are basic psychological needs too.  We need to feel we belong.  We need to feel valued.  We need to feel we’re good at something.  We need to feel we have a secure future.  Business professionals and entrepreneurs have these same needs in regard to their business.  They need to know their business belongs in this community, that their business is valued.  That they are good at their business and that they have a secure future in this community.  Don’t you want to be part of a business group that makes great connections and helps the psychological needs for each other and our community?

About the Meeting

The meeting is 1 hour in length and starts with a brief introduction where every member will answer a question of the week.  Then there is a weekly challenge – some weeks it will be a challenge for our personal or professional development, some weeks will be member presentations.  There is opportunity to talk about upcoming collaboration and community events.  Each member can then share specific types of clients they may be looking for in the coming week.  Members are encouraged to meet with members at other times outside of the weekly meeting.

We meet on Thursday mornings at Michelle Neustaedter Counselling located at 3 Kingsview Rd SW, Suite 106, from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm.

Who can join?

The Business Growth Hub is about growing the business community in Airdrie.  If you live or work in Airdrie, we would love to have you join us.  We are open to all business professionals and entrepreneurs and have no restrictions on the types or number of professionals or entrepreneurs.  Come join us at the next meeting.

Come visit our next Bussiness Growth Hub on Thursday at
Michelle Neustaedter Counselling Office, 106-3 Kingsview Rd SE.

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