Whose Directing Your Path

There s the old adage if you are not deciding your future someone else will. Everyday we make decisions, or do we? In the past day alone I have talked with two high potential young people who will be amazing leaders sometime in the future yet both have emphatically said “I don’t want to be a leader.!” A question for all who read this, why is it that so many brilliant individuals present great ideas, they challenge the status quo indirectly, and yet fight so hard to not to to let their brilliance shine through? What is wrong with being a leader? Why is it that individuals will complain about conditions and yet fail make the decisions to make our families, teams, organizations and yes our nation a better place?

Are you up for the challenge of changing your world? Join us at High Road Leaders Canada as we examine in depth leadership guru John Maxwell’s newest book High Road Leadership, Bringing People Together in a World That Divides.

Sterling Martin

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