Growth the Distraction Killer

Have you ever sat alone, quiet in your own home closed you eyes to enjoy the peace of the moment? I just did that, sat quietly with no distractions and what I found amazed me. What I found was a cacophony of small usually unheard sounds, the sound of the refrigerator, a clock, the hum of electronic equipment was all around me. With this disturbance I realized that this is what each of us face in this world. Regardless of how quiet we work at making our life, how we work to focus on our priorities there is always the sound of some distraction taking us away from what is important.

Distractions take away our energy to do what needs to be done. What is essential to know is time is finite and we cannot control time, truth be, time controls us. What we can control is how we use our energy. Do we use our energy in a focused manner working on the true priorities of life…on your growth, or do you use your precious energy listening to the distractions like a refrigerator or gossip, or complaining or…….the list goes on?  

The answer to move beyond distractions is growth, growth as a person, growth in your team, your organization because the more you are growing the less time you must listen to the distractions of the world.

Leadership guru John Maxwell tells us “Your capacity to grow will determine your capacity to lead.” I will take that statement and make it bigger by saying your capacity to grow will determine your capacity to _________. It is your blank to fill in. Is you blank to raise healthy strong children, or to mentor a team, or to…once again the list is long and personal. Fill in the blank with something that leads to your greater purpose, your why in life and then take the next crucial step grow towards your vision or better yet your legacy.

The greatest gift you can leave your children (or team, organization, family) is the removing the distractions of life and being the example of growth, setting the bar higher by demonstrating the importance of life-long growth.  

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