Daily PODS

There are people that think they can not be the hero in their story because they lack any special talent. To be the hero in your story, you don’t need special talent, you can practice daily PODS and see how your life can change. Not one of these things requires special talent.

  • Positive Attitude. It’s up to you to keep going. No one else can decide that. A great attitude maximizes the talent that you do have and offsets what you lack. Perhaps the single most important way each one of us can suffocate the fear that keeps us from peak performance.
  • On time & prepared. Punctuality is a keystone habit that requires organization and planning ahead—both of which lead to greater success. Only you can give yourself the time and space to be as ready as you can be. Make it a habit, and you will make the most of your talent. There is great truth in the saying: Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.
  • Do your Best. It is a mindset as much as it is a behaviour. This is the discipline of showing up consistently and making the best decisions that lead to peak performance. Everyone has energy to devote to a goal, and the decision of how much to give. Be conscious about always giving your best effort and energy.
  • Smile. Your smile is your calling card.  Smile often and long. Watch what your body language tells others.
Be Your Hero

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