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DISC Communication Insight Reports

Good communication is the key to connecting with those around you.  The DISC Communication Insight Reports are designed to help you at work, in your family and in the community.   Reports can be upgraded at a later time for the cost difference between reports.

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Prior to joining Maxwell Leadership, Julie owned and operated a general insurance brokerage where she grew her customer service team by understanding different personality styles.  By understanding how people communicate, she was able to grow a loyal customer base.  Prior to being in the insurance industry, Julie was a children and family pastor.  She currently lives in Airdrie, Alberta, near her children and grandchildren.

Julie Crawford

Executive Director, Maxwell Leadership Executive Program Leader

Sterling has over 30 years in health care leadership, education, protocol development and implementation.  He has worked extensively with teams from emerging leaders to the executive suites.  Sterling loves seeing when people realize their value to the team and organization and flourish knowing they are uniquely wired in their communication style.  Sterling lives in Drumheller, Alberta.

Sterling Martin

Program Director, Maxwell Leadership Certified Team