Team Communicaton Workshop

Communication, Connection & Collaboration

To reach the goals and targets for any organization, communication, connection and collaboration have to be optimized.  Teams will not work to their full potential when they are not communicating and connecting well.  When communication is at its best, the team connects and soars to heights others only dream of reaching.  These workshops are designed specifically for your team team and can be delivered in-person or virtually.

    Communication Workshop

    Effective communication requires that we use the method that works best for those we are speaking to, not just the method that works for ourselves.  This means that if you are to be effective in communicating your goals and objectives, you must learn how to find common ground and establish a connection with people.  This is not always an easy task, especially when each person listens and responds to information according to their own style.

    • Gain valuable insight into COMMUNICATION STRATEGIES to help you communicate with confidence and authenticity while minimizing conflicts, improving morale and building cohesion.
    • Learn how to determine the most appropriate COMMUNICATION APPROACH for each individual.
    • Discover key CHARACTERISTICS about each style and how to LEVERAGE YOUR STRENGTHS for better communication.
    • Identify EFFECTIVE METHODS for bridging communication gaps among your group or team.
    • RELATE TO OTHERS in a way that speaks to their communication style.
    • Create a ROAD MAP FOR EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION for each of your team members or colleagues.

    Team Collaboration Workshop

    Are you creating an environment for your team to win?  The most effective way to improve your organization’s results is to develop your team’s ability to work cohesively.  Helping individual members of your team understand how to contribute their unique talents toward the overall goal of teamwork and collaboration will bring out the best in them, increase their productivity and boost their morale.

    • Discover building blocks to improve your ability to WORK TOGETHER.
    • Maximize individuals STRENGTHS and the strengths of the TEAM.
    • Develop STRATEGIES to overcome obstacles that prevent or slow down teamwork.
    • Learn the four elements for building STRONGER COLLABORATION among your team.
    • Key CHARACTERISTICS MAP of your team.
    • Specific ways you can work with your team so they can OPTIMIZE their performance.
    • The collective power of your team, and how to lead them in a way that is UNIQUE to them and HIGHLY EFFECTIVE for the organization.
    • A snapshot of how your team style TRANSFORMS under pressure. It will help you identify ways to develop and encourage better STRESS MANAGEMENT while you will have a list of considerations to ANTICIPATE what will upset the balance.
    • Your team’s combined strengths in the seven primary ways to INFLUENCE PEOPLE and outcomes, and a comprehensive view of how your team potentially will perform in each area. This will enable you to identify the gaps on missing or low strengths of your entire team.
    • With COMMUNICATION being an important part of effective leadership, you will have recommended communication approaches specific to your team.


    • Half-day Workshop – $1,200
    • Full-day Workshop – $2,000
    • Two-day Workshop – $3,600

    A supply fee of $50 per person will apply.

    **Note:  Workshops can be developed to work within your organization’s budget.  Contact us for more details.


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    Prior to joining Maxwell Leadership, Julie owned and operated a general insurance brokerage where she grew her customer service team by understanding different personality styles.  By understanding how people communicate, she was able to grow a loyal customer base.  Prior to being in the insurance industry, Julie was a children and family pastor.  She currently lives in Airdrie, Alberta, near her children and grandchildren.

    Julie Crawford

    Executive Director, Maxwell Leadership Executive Program Leader

    Sterling has over 30 years in health care leadership, education, protocol development and implementation.  He has worked extensively with teams from emerging leaders to the executive suites.  Sterling loves seeing when people realize their value to the team and organization and flourish knowing they are uniquely wired in their communication style.  Sterling lives in Drumheller, Alberta.

    Sterling Martin

    Program Director, Maxwell Leadership Certified Team