Patrick Lencioni’s book, The 6 Types of Working Genius, is changing workplace, homes and communities around the world.  Get your assessment, book or join in a webinar or Learning Lunch.  Your outlook on your work will be transformed as you learn about your Working Genius and that of those around you.

Working Genius Team Assessment

Knowing your team genius and frustrations can help you ensure your people are in the right seats on the bus.  You also can learn what areas you may need to hire next.  A team workshop can be a great learning lunch or half-day event for your team.

Business Connection Growth Hub

Your business will grow as you and your connections grow.  Join the Business Connection Growth Hub to dive deeper into How to Utilize Your Working Genius, Understanding and Utilizing Mutual Mentoring, Growing in Leadership, Effective Sales Techniques, and more.  We want to challenge you to be the best business leader you can be for your business and community and give you a competitive edge.

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