Business Growth Hub

Growing a profitable business can be challenging.  Everyone wants more cash in their pocket, but the journey to find that can be difficult.  When a business owner has a strong community of support, it becomes easy to have a successful business.  The Business Growth Hub is a place where business owners can find that supportive community.  Join our periodic webinars or in-person learning lunches as well as our weekly get-togethers, either online or in-person to grow your people and leadership skills all while making connections that matter to help you grow both personally and professionally.   Our Hub focuses on 5C’s.

  • Challenge – Our weekly teaching/discussion topics focus on growing you as a business leaders and your sales skills.
  • Connection – Grow your connections to help grow your income.
  • Collaboration – Find others to collaborate and multiply your business.
  • Community – Our community will be a place where you can find support and encouragement.
  • Cash – Every business owners wants more money, and our goal is to help everyone increase their bank account.


Some upcoming topics will be How to Utilize Your Working Genius, Understanding and Utilizing Mutual Mentoring, Growing in Leadership, Effective Sales Techniques, and more.  We want to challenge you to be the best business leader you can be for your business and community.