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Why should you become a Leaders Can Connector Member? Because Connector Members are set up for success in making meaningful connections. Connections are a vital part of human growth, whether you’re looking to grow as a professional or in your personal life. Here at Leaders Can, we want to help you make connections that will allow you to exchange ideas, find new partners or business opportunities, as well as create a sense of belonging. When you become a Connector Member, the door for opportunities will swing wide open!

What’s Included as a Connector Member?

As a Connector Member, you’ll gain access to a variety of opportunities and perks. Becoming a Connector Member is simple, for only $150 for a lifetime membership, you’ll receive the following:

  • Personalized DISC Sales Communication Report (50 pages) with 30-minute debrief coaching session. (Value $199)
  • 1-year membership to ReadItFor.Me book summary reading service (Value $399)
  • Connector rate for master classes, events and conferences (Value $700+ annually)
  • Access to our latest news

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to learn and grow as a leader! Become a Connector Member today to start your journey as a leader. Leaders Can is all about growing and strengthening Canadian leaders for the betterment of all of Canada. We believe that by strengthening our leaders through meaningful connections, we’ll build a better country!


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What Other Are Saying

Business & professional networking has been a valuable part of business throughout the years. As a financial professional, relationships are the key component in the success of my business. The relationships that I have built as a a result of networking has generated new clients and introductions to key referral partners.


Financial Services Agency Owner

Connections – why we need them.  The dictionary defines connection as a relationship in which a person, thing, or idea is linked or associated with something else.

In business, people really don’t buy your products or services. What they buy is a connection to who you are and what you represent, an ideal. Want to make a sale? Make a connection first.

In life in general, people are overwhelmed with “contacts” with no substance. They crave honest, personal, and authentic connection.

True connection is key to growing business and people.


Personal Growth Strategist & Energy Shifter

Connection is the life blood of us – we need some sort of connection to people, not matter how great or small.  Connection allows us to grow, share, and become our true selves.  Connection is a life energy … It demonstrates to all of us the importance of people.  Connection allows us to understand that we have more in common with others than we think.  Connection may not make sense to you at the time … but it will always make sense at some point if you truly reflect on it.

People Developer