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We believe that parents have the highest calling and position in our community and that a strong community needs strong connections. Our programs are designed to build connections between parent and child, parents and other adults, and parents and the greater community of Airdrie and beyond.

We offer programs for adults to participate with their children, programs for adults with children’s playgroup simultaneously, planned date nights and ladies’ meetups.  Our programs will begin in January 2023, and our landing page will update as more information is available for each program.


Our programs will begin January 2023

The Connection Hub

 The Connection Hub will meet on Tuesday mornings from 9-11 with a playgroup for children 6 months to 12 years old and a program for adults to grow and make connections.

Planned Date Nights

Imagine having a date night with your significant other already planned out with childcare and snacks included!  And you get to meet some other great couples too!

Women’s Meetups

A meetup with other women, sometimes with kids, sometimes without, where you can get to know others and grow your connections.


We are looking for volunteers with our children’s playgroups and date night child care as well as our parent programs. 

Empowered Parents Leadership Team

Julie Crawford ~ Program Director

(403) 616-1121

Cecile McNeal ~ Children's Playgroup Director

(403) 650-0553

Rebecca Lyle ~ Marketing & Event Director

(403) 975-1432

Empowered Parents is a program of Leaders Can Foundation whose mission is creating connections that matter.

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