When is leadership successful?

When is leadership successful? This is a question I ask myself over and over….how do I know I have been successful in my role leading a team, project or family?

I realize the answer is simple, probably far too simple it is when there is success in a succession, when the project grows without your influence, when you ahve a successor who is taking the team or organization beyond you. Yes that is right beyond you.

We all have a cap, limitations which where we need that next person or team to move forward into new territory to enlarge the vision to (as said in Star Trek) “boldly go where no one has gone before”

Leadership is an endless journey – our success as a leader will not be truly measured when we are in the leadership role, instead the true measurement comes after our tenure as leader is over. Our leadership success will be seen in our success in the legacy and in the on going journey we were part of.

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