Why we look at Superheroes as Leaders

Why do we look at superheroes as leaders well this is a simple answer it is because they have the courage to do what we won’t necessarily do – they will live outside of the status quo, the rules that have been established by those who call themselves leaders but may be no more than a person in a position of power who is designing rules for circumstances they do not have a full scope of understanding.

Leaders live on the edge of the box looking out. Today with COVID we have so many following rules and processes that don’t make sense if critically thought through. As an example the media and health officials (and others) are promoting the hand hygiene process in public areas to help stop COVID. Why don’t we think bigger – the goal should not be to stop COVID (please keep reading), the goal is to minimize all forms of communicable disease and hygiene is one common and easy practice where a difference can be made. If we keep talking about COVID as the main culprit once a vaccine is available there is a potential all the good work to prevent disease will fall away.

We need to think beyond what is in front of us – think bigger think better. Follow a true leader or become a true leader who will take you beyond the status quo, who will risk all like a superhero.

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  1. You are right everyday people are leaders. What is needed is to have everyday people realize they can influence the future with one small act of leading in their values, passion and strength.