Success vs Excellence – Which is your measuring stick?

“Success is measuring yourself against other people. Excellence is measuring yourself against your own potential.” This quote comes from Tim Tassopoulos an executive with the very successful fast food company Chick-fil-A. Why do we as humans continually look at others to measure our value. One observation I ahve made is that as we look at others, oh and they are looking at us there is no one looking forward to grow, to be better… achieve their own excellence. Why?

Personally, I look at growth, at my growth like a golf game, the only one I need to beat is me. There may be others I am golfing with but the final measurement is my personal score compared to my handicap….my average. If my handicap is improving then I am improving and as I improve I model the way for others; to grow – to improve.

My for success makes little difference if I am not on the journey for excellence. Answer this one question (you will fill in the blank) I want to be know as a successful ______ or an excellent _______. Anyone can have success but it take the strong, dedicated, learning individual to striver for excellence.

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