Building Resiliency

As we work to recover from the effects of Covid 19, the need for resiliency in individuals, families and organizations has never been greater. We are offering 4 tracks focused on the individual, families and teams. There will be a nominal cost for each program.

The Fearless Mind ~ The right patterns of thinking and responding will help you manage even the biggest waves.

The Thriving Family ~ Learn principles, easy to apply concepts and discipline that works to take your family from surviving to thriving.

The Resilient Person ~ Looking at the whole self and what helps you to stay connected with your community, your family and most importantly, yourself. Your future depends on it.

The Resilient Team ~ Crisis affects how teams work, communicate and function. Today it is covid, tomorrow it could be something else. Applying these principles, you can face the future head on.

You can request information about more than one program by clicking on your selection and holding down the Control of Command key and picking the other selection(s). Programs will begin in late January or early February.

Upcoming Events

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