Network Hubs

Sales Influence Network Hubs are designed to help you develop your sales influence in a low-risk environment as well as a fantastic way to meet people from your community and establish business, professional, and personal connections! Sales Influence Network Hubs provide you with formal sales influence training and community for the potential of new business ventures, referrals, and advantages not found ‘going it alone’.

Our Hubs are unique from other networking organizations. Our two primary focuses are to provide sales and leadership training to grow you and your business, as well as build solid relationship and connections that can grow your bank account.  We meet  monthly.  The 2nd Thursday of the month at 11 am MT (1 pm ET) join us online for our sales influence training where we will have joint learning and then break into our local hubs for specific discussion and application.  Our formal session will be 1 hour long and then speed or local networking for the remaining time (up to an hour) for those who want to participate.  We encourage local Hubs to meet in-person at another time during the month at location and time that works best for the local group.  The goal of this additional meeting is to spend time with the other members, practically apply the sales training and find ways to connect and collaborate that would bring more business to the local Hub.

Our website provides members the opportunity to connect with your local hub as well as other members from across Canada.  Membership in Sales Influence Network Hubs is an affordable $599 annually ($159 quarterly), which is a fantastic investment for yourself and your business!  It’s a simple process that helps you grow your own business as well as support others in the community.

We want to help you grow personally and professionally. The connections you make in your local Network Hub can last for a lifetime, helping your business succeed as well as provide meaningful mentorship and advice from leaders in your community. These Network Hubs will help you become the best leader for yourself, your family, your organization, and your community.  Membership to Sales Influence Network Hubs is open to all entrepreneurs and business professionals.  Local Network Hubs will have one seat per profession.

There is a one-time Connector Membership (registration) fee of $150.  If you are already a Connector Member, please log in to enrol in Sales Influence Network Hubs.

Sales Influence Network Hub ~ Annual
$599 / Year
Sales Influence Network Hub ~ Quarterly
$159 / 3 Months