Speed Networking

Create Meaningful Connections Coast to Coast

Online Speed Networking

The 10-minute main stage presentation will be on Developing Local Connections with Julie Crawford.  After the 10-minute main stage time, you will be randomly matched with others in our networking event for private, 3-minute conversations.

Speed Networking starts with a 10-minute presentation on Making Great Networking Connections.  In business we all face difficult but necessary conversations.  Sometimes as leaders we put off the conversation for too long.  Sterling will help us recognize the need for the conversation and the steps to make it happen.  We will then move into random 3-minute match-ups with other networkers.

Our Speed Networking will start with a 10-minute presentation about Knowing Yourself to Increase Sales with Julie Crawford, Connection Expert. We each have a way of communicating that is most natural to us, but in the sales process, it needs to be about the other person.  When we know our communication style, and recognize other people’s style, we can then communicate best with them to increase sales.

From our main stage, Wendy Marshall, Social Media Guru, will be giving us 3 Do’s and 1 Don’t After Networking. We meet people online or in-person and in our minds, we all want to make more money, but what things can we do to build that relationship that may lead to money in our pocket.

Making connections in your province and across Canada is a key strategy to propel your business forward. Our speed networking events will help you meet new business leaders every month, ensuring to make valuable connections and grow your professional network.

Join us on the 3rd Thursday of each month for 90 minutes of personal connections during our speed networking event. We’ll facilitate connections with industry leaders across Canada. Using the Hopin platform, you will have 3 minutes to network with randomly matched connections. The first half of the Virtual Speed Networking event, you will be matched with individuals from your province, and in the second half of the event we will connect you with leaders all across Canada. There’s no need to prepare an elevator pitch. You will be able to have a private conversation with each connection, allowing you to have meaningful conversations rather than a rehearsed spiel.  You can extend your time as well as automatically exchange information on the platform.

If you are a member of a Local Networking Hub, you will be given a mini booth in the Expo area, which gives you the opportunity to search for and connect with other specific professionals and let others search for you.

**Note for networking marketers (MLM’s)**

We would love to have you join and represent your products or services at our Speed Networking. Please, no pitching business opportunities or requesting leads to grow your team. Every networker at our event is making connections to grow their own business, not looking for another business. 

Let’s work together to make great connections for your success