Network Hub Member Application

Create Meaningful Connections Coast to Coast

List your top 5-10 products or services that you personally provide.
Describe your educational background, including degrees, certificates, licenses or credentials required to perform your job.
Tell us how long you have been in this business and describe your experience in your business.
Local Network Hubs meet the second week of the month (second Monday, second Tuesday, etc).


Please provide the name, number and email address for 2 references in regards to your professional business.


This is an application for a FOUNDING membership in a local network hub with Leaders Can Foundation. The mentor (leader) of the group will be in touch with you and your references and then let you know the next steps. Completing this application is not a guarantee you will be accepted into the hub. Once there are 12 FOUNDING members in your hub, you will be sent the payment link for the membership fee ($799.00 annually or $219.00 quarterly) and your group will begin the monthly meetings and connections in your private group.

Let’s work together to make great connections for your success