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Create Meaningful Connections Coast to Coast

Local Network Hubs

Our local network hubs are unique from other networking organizations.  Leaders Can’s goal is to disrupt and stand out from traditional networking and bring exceptional value to our Connector Members.

Our leadership wants to grow you, your connections, and your business while supporting you to become the best leader for yourself, your family, your organization and your community.

Here are our 7 unique differences.

Monthly Online Meetings

Hubs meet monthly on the second week of the month with a unique focused agenda  for the connectors, not the visitors.

Monthly meetings allow the interaction and growth while valuing your time. In traditional networking the individual spends 12 to 20 hrs per month with travel and meeting time. Local Network Hubs meet online with a 90-minute focus adding value to the Connectors.

Paid Professional Leader

With traditional networking, members are expected to contribute a minimum of 150 hours in a year to the group and a more than double that if you are in leadership.  With Leaders Can local network hubs, the leader of the group is a paid professional and no volunteerism is needed on the part of any member.  Our leaders work hard to make sure the best people are members of the group and take care of any issues that may arise in the group.

We are Canadian

We are passionate about Canada and building Canadian leaders, business professionals and our Canadian economy.  Other networking groups are American franchises or you are asked to pay in US dollars.  We are Canadian working to support Canadian leaders, entrepreneurs and individuals in the Canadian way and yes, that includes always paying in Canadian dollars!

Registration Fee

Our Connector Member Registration has value with these great benefits:

  • Personalized DISC communication report with 30-minute debrief coaching session.  (Value $199)
  • Connector rate for network hubs, group coaching, master classes, events and conferences (Value $700+ annually)
  • Free monthly speed networking within your province and Canada
  • 1-year membership to ReadItFor.Me book summary reading service (Value $399)
  • FREE Master Classes – Currently Growing Beyond Today (Wednesdays at 12 noon EST (9 am PST) and Leaders are Readers (Thursdays, 10 am EST (7 am PST)
  • Optional Profit Acceleration consultation.  (Value $299)
  • Monthly Newsletter

National Connections

We are passionate about forming connections coast to coast.  On the third Thursday of each month our members meet regionally and then nationally for speed networking growing connections beyond the local hub.  All local network hub members will have a mini expo booth at the speed networking event.

Online Connection

Our website allows for private connections within your group as well as with other members across Canada.  It’s a great place to connect outside of the platforms currently available.  You will also have an opportunity to submit posts for our newsletter and blog/vlog section.

Money-Back Guarantee

Other networking groups offer no guarantee, but at Leaders Can we believe in our Connectors and connections. Our members have a money-back guarantee that they will receive back their membership fee in referral business.  Connector Members need only to attend 11 out of 12 monthly meetings and pass 1 referral per month.  Our goal is to support you and your business.  If Members do not receive their membership fees back in referral business, your membership fee will be returned as our guarantee.

Local Network Hubs start when they have 12 official members. 

Please complete these steps if you would like to become a member of a local network hub.

Step 1

The first step to apply to become a member of a local network hub is Connector Registration by completing the form below.  If you are already a member, go to Step 2.

Step 2

Sign in to your account.  You must be logged in for all the following steps.

Step 3

Once you are signed into your account, complete this application to be a member of one of our local network hubs.  You must be a registered Connector Member to complete an application for a local network hub.

Step 4

Your application will be sent to your group leader for reveiw.  Once the leader approves your applicaiton, and there are 12 or more official members, our administrative team will send you the payment form for membership.  The annual fee is $799 plus tax or you can pay quarterly for $219 plus tax.  You will be automatically put into the private group on our site for your hub so you can begin making connections right away.

Step 5

Share this page with others who may be interested in joining a local network hub in your community or in another community in Canada.

Let’s work together to make great connections for your success