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A vision was born out of Troy’s desire to offer authentic, holistic care to clients in a meaningful way that will address all domains of health within each person: mind, body and spirit.  This led to the creation of Anchor of Hope Counselling — a professional psychotherapy and mental health counselling service, and then into the establishment of In Pursuit Global — a professional coaching and training/speaking organization.


After working as a registered nurse in the specialty field of psychiatric and mental health nursing in both a military setting and then within community and civilian hospital settings as a mental health clinician, Troy Reeves established Anchor of Hope in the summer of 2017. Passionately working holistically for the past decade of nursing, Troy later pursued a second post-graduate specialty in faith community nursing (aka Parish Nursing) and then obtained recognition as a registered psychotherapist and also accreditation as a certified Life Coach through the John Maxwell Team which has allowed him to continue in his commitment to meet clients where they are at, regardless of their background or adherence to or lack of faith.


Anchor of Hope and In Pursuit are places of wellness that offer separate, yet complimentary services, offer counselling or coaching, recovery in Addiction, therapy and support in a way that addresses all three domains of health, through the lens of a nurse, and adjusted by the experiences and desires of the client.


It is Troy’s goal to help every client navigate the complex storms of each client’s journey in a co-occurring disorder model, understanding the impact of Addiction on a person’s mental health and how mental health concerns drive the disease of Addiction. We are better together and often the mind that gets us into the mess we find ourselves in is not going to be the mind to get you out of it.


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