Local Networking

Create Connections Coast to Coast

Local Networking Pods

Our networking pods are unique from other networking organizations.

  • We meet monthly with a unique agenda for each meeting that focuses on the membership, not the visitors.
  • We have a great website with opportunity to connect with your group as well as other people from across Canada.
  • Our members have a money-back guarantee that they will receive back their membership fee in referral business.  Members only need to attend 11 out of 12 monthly meetings and pass 1 referral per month.
  • We are passionate about building and growing Canadian businesses and forming connections coast to coast.  On the third Thursday of each month we meet provincially and nationally for speed networking to grow our connections beyond our local pod.  All members will have an expo booth at the speed networking event.
  • The leader of the networking pod is a paid professional, so no volunteerism is needed on the part of the members, allowing members to focus on growing their businesses.

We want to grow you, your connections and help you become the best leader for yourself, your family, your organization and your community.

Let’s work together to make great connections for your success