Leader Lab provides corporate training and master classes either in-person or online that can be delivered one-time or an on-going basis.  Leader Lab will take the individual or team on the journey required to increase individual and team productivity, increase sales, grow business while increasing influence in the community and business world.

Leader Lab is delivered through webinars, group discussion, personal study, and in-person/virtual events which will support learning and growth using the expertise of the Leader Lab team and participants.

Topics include:

  • Leadership
  • Team development
  • Personal and team growth plans and processes
  • Communication
  • Difficult conversations
  • Vision and strategic planning
  • Developing next level leaders – success planning (not succession planning)
  • Public Speaking
  • Mentoring and Coaching (there is a difference)
  • Succession planning
  • We will also dig into topics which organically develop through the questions and discussion of the company or cohort.

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