DISCover Exceptional Customer Service

The DISCover Exceptional Customer Service program is a 6-hour course designed to take the participant through a self-discovery process searching for and finding areas of strengths and areas for development in their quest to grow a strong customer service process, delivering exceptional service and products.  This program will utilize the DISC Communication Style Report.

At the completion of this program, the participant will:

  •  Become more effective in providing quotes, claim statements, negotiations, needs assessments, writing and speaking skills by understanding their strengths and the audience needs.

  • Know their own DISC communication profile.

  • Receive a 30-page DISC communication report specific to their style and how to communicate with other styles.

  • Learn the 5 principles for creating a legendary customer service experience for their clients.

  • Discover the unique ways to respond and interact with each of the 4 personality types.

  • Build stronger relationships with customers, clients and co-workers.

  • Understand that everyone is unique, but predictably unique based on each person’s DISC profile.

  • Have had several opportunities to practice with various communication profiles to become comfortable with their own communication skills.

  • Become confident in their ability to communicate based on their own unique style.

This course is approved for 6 continuing education credits through the Alberta Insurance Council for insurance professionals (life, a&s, general and adjusters).

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