Lessons in Leadership Failures

Sterling Martin · July 8, 2020

Leadership is influence nothing more nothing less. This quote from leadership guru John Maxwell opens the door for every person regardless of age, gender, nationality …to influence as a leader.. At some point in all of our lives whether positive or negative we will influence a situation therefore we are a LEADER.

Leadership Start to Journey is a six part program designed to create a starting point to leadership. Why do you need to be part of the journey well that is simple you will at some point want to present your opinion to influence a process therefore it is important to start your leadership growth journey to go from frustrated to functional.

The first video will look at one of the barriers to good leadership in teams and organizations where it is the leaders job to develop other leaders for growth and succession. This topic of Scapegoat leadership will be part of the discussion that will take place as we journey through the program.

About Instructor

Sterling Martin

My passion is to add value to individuals, teams and organizations. I will take you on a journey through an encouraging and engaging growth process where you will develop and achieve more than imagined. I bring over 30 years of leadership experience from frontline Emergency Medical Services to multi-disciplinary institutional healthcare, and non-profit governance organizations. My background includes; Master of Arts in Leadership and Management, Bachelor of Applied Business: Emergency Services, and a diploma in Advanced Care Paramedicine plus certifications in Team Leadership and Organization Change Management and certified consultant in DISC Behavioral Analysis. ​ Utilizing my years of training and experience, it is my goal to support you through a journey of personal and leadership growth to increase influence in all areas of your personal and professional life.

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