Are you looking for more clients?

I think all of us are looking for more clients in some capacity. Maybe you are looking for the “right” clients. Or maybe you just are looking for any clients. I’ve been there. Sometimes it was a desperate search as the mortgage was needing paid and I didn’t know where all the money would come from at the time.

I grew my business from zero clients to a business I could sell for a good 6-figure amount after just 8 years. The key to to get the right client and to be able to treat them right once you get them. It isn’t something that I knew how to do at first, but as I learned, and keep learning, there are some things we can learn together.

We are offering Get More Clients Mastermind for people who are wanting to get more clients, get more of the right clients, and treat their clients right. We are using the book The Art of People as the basis for our 8-week mastermind. We will learn from each other and from our own study and implementation of the practical lessons on understanding and interacting with people. Chapter 1 includes your own Enneagram assessment and needs to be completed prior to our first meeting on July 7.

Learn more details.

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